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If you have a specific transaction to request at this time, select Wire Transfer, ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption or Automatic Investment in the Transfer Options section. Bank accounts from which you draw funds (for Invest on Request and Automatic Monthly Investment) must have one owner in common with the Ford Interest Advantage. If you provide a bank account that does not have an owner in common, it can only be activated for redemption options. ? Each owner must sign the form and obtain Signature Guarantees in the Signatures section on page 2. (See footnote* at the bottom of the Signatures section on page 2.) ? After completing the form and obtaining signature guarantees, mail to: Regular Mail: Overnight Mail: The Northern Trust Company The Northern Trust Company Ford Interest Advantage Ford Interest Advantage P.O. Box 75936 801 South Canal Street, C2N Chicago, IL 60675-5936 Chicago, IL 60607 A FAXED COPY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. ? If you add the designated bank account, subsequent transactions may be performed online or by calling 800-462-2614. Written instructions may also be submitted. Ford Interest Advantage Information Designated Bank Account Information Ford Interest Advantage Number ABA Routing Number (9 digits) Primary Owner Name Account Number Joint Owner Name (if applicable) City Name of Account Holder For Wire Transfer only: for further credit to Financial Institution Phone Number State K? Checking K? Savings Page 1 of 2 90 ZIP Code Transfer Options (See page 2 for details.) Wire Transfer* I (we) authorize Wire Transfer of $ from my (our) Ford Interest Advantage on (date) .(Minimum Wire $500) ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption* I (we) authorize ACH Transfer of $ from my (our) Ford Interest Advantage on (date) .(Minimum ACH $50) ACH Electronic Transfer Investment* I (we) authorize ACH Transfer of $ from my (our) designated bank account on (date) .(Minimum ACH $50) ACH Automatic Monthly Investment* I (we) authorize ACH Transfer of $ from my (our) designated bank account on the day of each month, beginning on (date). Add For Future Transactions Add this designated bank account to my Ford Interest Advantage profile for future transactions. Your options will include Wire Transfer, ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption or Invest on Request. Page 2 of 2 ford.com/finance/investor-center/ford-interest-advantage | 800-462-2614 Please be sure to provide your signature on page 2. *Prior to mailing, please make a copy of this Authorization for your records. Signature(s) and signature guarantee(s) (Required) I (we) hereby authorize the Ford Interest Advantage processing agent, The Northern Trust Company (“Agent?, to initiate debit entries and, if necessary, credit entries as indicated above. I (we) further agree that if any such debit is dishonored, whether with or without cause and whether intentionally or inadvertently, Ford Interest Advantage and The Northern Trust Company shall be under no liability whatsoever. If there are two or more owners, our obligations are joint and several. This authorization will remain in full force until I (we) have notified the Ford Interest Advantage processing agent, The Northern Trust Company, in writing to cancel it, and have given the agent sufficient time to act. A NOTARIZED SIGNATURE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Signature of Primary Owner Medallion Signature Guaranteed Stamp* Date Signature of Joint Owner (if applicable) Medallion Signature Guaranteed Stamp* Date * All Ford Interest Advantage registered owners must have their signatures guaranteed by a U.S. commercial bank, savings bank or credit union. The Medallion Signature Guaranteed Stamp must be signed by an authorized signatory of the financial institution and the statement “Signature Guaranteed?must appear with the signature. A NOTARIZED SIGNATURE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. INCOMPLETE FORMS CANNOT BE PROCESSED. ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption ? Funds will be transferred out of your Ford Interest Advantage one business day from receipt of your request if received by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? Funds will be transferred out of your Ford Interest Advantage two business days from receipt of your request if received after 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? Minimum ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption is $50. ? ACH Electronic Transfer Redemption is FREE of charge. Wire Transfer ? Funds will be transferred out of your Ford Interest Advantage the same day if your request is received by 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? Funds will be transferred out of your Ford Interest Advantage on the next business day after receipt of your request if received after 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? Minimum Wire Transfer is $500. ? $18 Service Fee charged for each Wire Transfer. ford.com/finance/investor-center/ford-interest-advantage | 800-462-2614 Electronic Funds Transfer Options From Your Designated Bank Account to Your Ford Interest Advantage Invest or Request ? Your investment ($50 minimum) will be posted to your Ford Interest Advantage one business day after receipt of your request if received by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? Your investment ($50 minimum) will be posted to your Ford Interest Advantage two business days from receipt of your request if received after 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. ? All Invest on Request investments are subject to a five-business-day hold after the investment is credited to your Ford Interest Advantage. ? Invest on Request is FREE of charge. Automatic Monthly Investment ? Each month on the specified day, the fixed amount you designate on this form will be transferred electronically from your designated bank account and invested in your Ford Interest Advantage. (If no date is specified, your investment will occur on or about the third business day of each month.) ? All automatic monthly investments are subject to a five-business-day hold after the investment is credited to your Ford Interest Advantage. ? If the transfer date falls on a weekend or holiday, the transfer will occur the business day after the weekend or holiday. ? Automatic investment is FREE of charge. 1164378 Collateral FMFL34912000 FIA App & EFT Auth FMCC-01487 2017-11-08T13:57:00.000Z Ford Employee Application for Investment Ford Interest Advantage A Check Is Required to Open a Ford Interest Advantage. No Cashier’s Checks, Third-party Checks, Starter Checks, or Money Orders Will Be Accepted. Enclosed is my personal check ($1,000 minimum) payable to “Ford Interest Advantage.?Investments by check are available for redemption five (5) business days after posting. OR You may open a Ford Interest Advantage with less than $1,000, provided you activate a payroll deduction of at least $100 per month. Your balance must reach $1,000 within ten (10) months. K? Check here for payroll deduction. You will receive instructions on how to start your payroll deduction. $__________ ($50 minimum) will be invested in your note on or about the __________ of each month, beginning on __________________ (date). *To draw funds from an account, that account must have at least one owner in common with your Ford Interest Advantage. Select the account listed above from which you would like your funds transferred: K? A K? B (Please check only one.) By signing this form, under penalty of perjury, I (we) certify that: 1. Read Prospectus I (we) have received, read and agree to be bound by the terms of the prospectus, and that I (we) have the authority and legal capacity to purchase notes pursuant to this application. 2. Not subject to backup withholding I (we) am not subject to backup withholding because I (we) have not been notified by the IRS that I (we) am subject to IRS backup withholding (unless the box below is checked). K? I (we) have been notified of and am subject to IRS backup withholding. 3. Identification The Social Security or Tax Identification numbers provided on this application are correct. Furthermore, I (we) authorize the following: ? Ford Interest Advantage to contact in its sole and absolute discretion sources of credit information and banking references. ? The Ford Interest Advantage processing agent, The Northern Trust Company, to initiate debit entries and, if necessary, credit entries as indicated above. I (we) further agree that if any such debit entry is dishonored, whether with or without cause and whether intentionally or inadvertently, Ford Interest Advantage and The Northern Trust Company shall be under no liability whatsoever. If there are two or more owners, our obligations are joint and several. ? Each Note Owner expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Northern Trust Company, Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC (Ford Credit) and any person acting on the Note Owner’s behalf from any claim or liability, which may arise in connection with a redemption check signed by only one Note Owner. ? This authorization will remain in full force until I (we) have notified the Ford Interest Advantage processing agent, The Northern Trust Company, in writing to cancel it, and have given the agent sufficient time to act. Attach a voided check at the top of this page (staple or clip). Please return this form to: The Northern Trust Company P.O. Box 75936 Chicago, IL 60675-5936 More about Ford Interest Advantage Your investment in Ford Interest Advantage is an investment in an unsecured debt security of Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC (Ford Credit), and only assets of Ford Credit are available for payment of principal and interest on those securities. You can learn more about Ford Credit’s financial results by reading the annual, quarterly and special reports and other information Ford Credit files with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You may read and copy any document Ford Credit files at the SEC’s public reference room at 450 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20549. Please call the SEC at 1-800-SEC-0330 for further information on the public reference room. Ford Credit’s SEC filings also are available to you at the SEC’s Web site at sec.gov. Ford Interest Advantage is an unsecured debt obligation of Ford Credit. It is not a money market mutual fund, a diversified investment nor a bank account and is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other insurance. Since all funds are invested in the security of a single issuer (Ford Credit), investors will not have the diversification offered by money market mutual funds or the protection, including quality standards, provided by the Investment Company Act of 1940. Ford Interest Advantage is offered only by prospectus. An investment in Ford Interest Advantage Notes involves certain risks. In consultation with your own financial and legal advisers, you should carefully consider, among other matters, the risk factors discussed in the prospectus and in Ford Credit’s annual report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC before deciding whether an investment in the Notes is suitable for you. Notes are not an appropriate investment for you if you do not understand the terms of the Notes or financial matters generally. Electronic Funds Transfer Automatic Monthly Investment Acknowledgments and Signatures (Required) Convenient, faster, safer K? ACH Electronic Transfer ?minimum of $50 (free of charge) K? Fedwire Transfer ?minimum of $500 (service fees may apply) Attach a voided check This will provide your correct bank information for processing, or provide the information below for up to two accounts. Name of Account Holder(s)* Name of Account Holder(s)* Account Number Account Number Financial Institution Routing Number (9 digits) Financial Institution Routing Number (9 digits) Financial Institution Name/Branch Financial Institution Name/Branch Signature of the Primary Owner Signature of the Joint/Custodial/Trustee Owner K? Checking K? Savings K? Checking K? Savings Bank Account A Bank Account B City City ZIP Code ZIP Code Date Date State State fordcredit.com/FIA | 1-800-462-2614 Address Initial Investment Residential/Street Address (No P.O. Boxes) Joint Owner’s Address ( K? Check here if same as above) Trustee Address Statement Mailing Address (If different than residential) Trustee #1 Street Address (P.O. Box will not be accepted) Trustee #2 Street Address (P.O. Box will not be accepted) Street Address (P.O. Box will not be accepted) Street Address or P.O. Box Street Address (P.O. Box will not be accepted) City City City City City Home Phone w/Area Code Home Phone w/Area Code Home Phone w/Area Code Home Phone w/Area Code ZIP Code ZIP Code ZIP Code ZIP Code ZIP Code State State State State State Apt./Suite Apt./Suite Apt./Suite Apt./Suite Apt./Suite Work Phone w/Area Code Work Phone w/Area Code Work Phone w/Area Code Work Phone w/Area Code $ $ Estimated Maximum Balance You Expect to Maintain. K? Check here if you will be transferring funds to/from places outside the United States. To help fight the funding of terrorism and money-laundering activities, the U.S. government has passed the USA PATRIOT Act, which requires banks, including the Ford Interest Advantage processing agent bank, to obtain, verify and record information that identifies persons who engage in certain transactions with or through a bank. This means that, in order for us to open a Ford Interest Advantage for you, we will need to collect the information solicited on this application form for ALL PERSONS listed on the note. Investment Registration Type Registration Please specify type by checking one box below. Individual Investment The investment is registered to one individual. Joint Investment More than one person owns the investment. Multiple owners will be deemed to be Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship. Custodial Investment (Gifts/Transfers to Minors Act) The minor is the beneficial owner of the investment. Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Association The investment is registered in the name of the Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Association. Attach a copy of corporate resolution, or equivalent, with names and signatures of authorized signers, including corporate seal or medallion signature guarantee stamp. Trust Investment An investment is made in accordance with the provisions of a trust agreement. Attach trust pages with trust title, date, trustee(s), with signature and successor trustee(s). Primary Owner (Individual, Joint or Custodial) Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Association Name of Owner (Last, First, MI) Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Association Name Social Security Number Social Security Number Social Security Number Social Security Number Minor’s Social Security Number Taxpayer Identification Number Driver’s License Number Driver’s License Number Driver’s License Number Driver’s License Number Minor’s State of Residence State In Which Business Is Registered Number of Employees Title and Date of Trust DBA (Doing Business As), If Any Taxpayer Identification Number Type of Business Occupation Occupation Name of Joint Owner (Last, First, MI) Trustee #1 Name (Last, First, MI) Trustee #2 Name (Last, First, MI) Name of Minor (Last, First, MI) Date of Birth (18 or older) Date of Birth (18 or older) Date of Birth (18 or older) Date of Birth (18 or older) Mother’s Maiden Name Mother’s Maiden Name Mother’s Maiden Name Mother’s Maiden Name Date of Birth (under 18) Establishment Date Annual Sales Revenue Annual Income: K? Under $50,000 K? $50,000 ?$100,000 K? Above $100,000 Annual Income: K? Under $50,000 K? $50,000 ?$100,000 K? Above $100,000 Joint Owner (Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship) Trust Registration (Attach trust pages with trust title, date, name of trustee(s), with signature and successor trustee(s).) Custodial Registration (One custodian per minor) Note Number 90 ________________________ (for office use only) The Northern Trust Company, P.O. Box 75936, Chicago, IL 60675-5936 Page 1 of 3 | FIA App_E Page 2 of 3 | FIA App_E Page 3 of 3 | FIA App_E fordcredit.com/FIA | 1-800-462-2614 Office use only Ford Credit 000 0330 10 100 18 1940 20549 2614 450 462 50 500 5936 60675 75936 800 90 above absolute accepted accordance account accounts ach acknowledgments act acting activate activities address advantage advisers agent agree agreement agrees am among annual app application apply appropriate apt area arise assets association attach authority authorization authorize authorized automatic available backup balance bank banking banks beginning behalf below beneficial birth bound box boxes branch business call cancel capacity carefully cashier cause certain certify charge check checked checking checks chicago city claim clip code collect com commission common company connection consider consultation contact convenient copy corporate corporation correct credit custodial custodian date days dba dc debit debt deciding deduction deemed deposit different digits discretion discussed dishonored diversification diversified document doing draw driver electronic employee employees enclosed engage entries entry equivalent establishment estimated exchange expect expressly factors faster federal fedwire fees fffc fia fifth fight filed files filings financial first five following force ford fordcredit form free full fund funding funds further furthermore generally gifts given gov government guarantee harmless help hold holder home identification identifies il inadvertently including income indemnify indicated individual information initial initiate institution instructions insurance insured intentionally interest invested investment investments investors involves irs issuer joint last laundering learn least legal less liability license listed llc made maiden mailing maintain market matters maximum may means medallion mi minimum minor minors money month monthly months mother motor multiple mutual name names necessary need no 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